Wholesaler FAQ

Is there an order minimum?

  • Wholesalers are required to order a minimum of 15 pairs of shoes each month. A monthly order maximum of 500 shoes can be placed in a single month. Retailers will have two options for their initial order - the Storehouse Kit or a 15+ piece order. 

Are shipping fees included or an additional amount?

  • Shipping cost is included in these orders placed monthly. You can add Upgraded UPS shipping to your monthly order on the website for an additional $1 per item purchased.

How often can I order?

  • We take an order monthly from all active retail partners. A release of stock photos for you to share with your customers will take place during the last week of each month, and then ordering will be open for one day from 8:00 am CST - 8:00 pm CST (typically the 6th of each month). Warehouse stock is open all the time with limited availability.

Do you have zip code protection for retailers?

  • If you are an active retailer (meaning you have ordered at least 45 shoes within 3 months), you have zip code protection for your boutique. No one else will be added in the zip code you listed on your application as your boutique address.

Do you provide stock photos?

  • Yes. You may use any photos available on the wholesale Facebook group for advertising. You may also add your own boutique logo to them. You may not change the colors.

When are monthly release photos available?

  • Special edition photos will be posted about a week before the order opens. You may not take orders on any shoes outside of the set pre-order window. There will be a release schedule posted that should be followed during advertising week.  If you have in stock shoes, you can sell them anytime!

How long does it take to receive preorders?

  • Orders are placed the day you submit them to us. They take 7-8 weeks to arrive to us and then we separate your orders, box and ship. This is always an ESTIMATE. Customs can sometimes hold part of the order or the whole order for a day or 5 days. That is out of our control. 

When is payment due?

  • At this time, the Wholesaler is not extending credit terms. All orders must be accompanied by credit card payment to cover 1/2 of the order balance and the remaining balance should be paid by the 15th of the following month. You may order inventory from Wholesaler by credit card or PayPal payment through the wholesalers website.

Who is responsible for collecting sales tax?

  • Retailers are responsible for collecting sales tax. 

What sizes are Storehouse Flats available in?

  • Storehouse Flats are available in sizes 5-12.

Are Storehouse Flats true to size?

  • We have found sizing to be somewhat flexible with these amazing shoes! For the majority of customers, they find them to run very true to their normal shoe size. If you wear a whole -1/2 size (ie 7-7.5), with narrow feet, you can size down comfortably. If you wear a 1/2 size and have wider feet then size up. Again, this is the GENERAL rule.

What materials are used to make Storehouse Flats?

  • Our flats are genuine leather with a rubber sole. These have a slightly cushioned inner sole and should be comfy right away. They are cut slightly wider than most other flats, which can accommodate an insert if needed.

How do I care for my Storehouse Flats?

  • They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. You may use a leather waterproofer or suede cleaner.

Can I offer my customers a sale on Storehouse Flats?

  • You may apply to have a sale on shoes twice a year and you will need to email for permission to do that. There are certain pricing guidelines in place and we can walk you through that in more detail should you decide to apply and request a contract. 

Am I limited as to where I can sell Storehouse Flats?

  • Products or goods purchased from or produced by Wholesaler shall be resold by Retailer through the following locations: Retailers URL, brick and mortar store, Facebook store, poshmark and Etsy.

  • Products may NOT be sold on an online auction (e.g., ebay) or online store (e.g., Amazon) without the express, written authority of the Wholesaler. 

  • Retailers may also sell their product in an approved brick and mortar boutique/store that is not theirs but the Retailer is responsible to submit required approval form before offering the product at any retail location.  

  • If retailer resells via 3rd party site, retail location or through another unapproved retailer either online or through a physical store, wholesaler and retailer relationship will be terminated. Only approved retailers have the permission to sell and represent products from The Storehouse Wholesale.

Where can I advertise Storehouse Flats?

  • Retailers may advertise using Facebook ads, google ads etc using approved photos from the WS group provided by The Storehouse Wholesale. Retailers may not advertise on B/S/T pages affiliated with the brand “Tieks”. 

What is the Storehouse Flats policy on Errors, Returns and Warranty?

  • Order errors and/or defects must be brought to Wholesaler's attention within five (5) business days of receipt of shipment by Retailer.  Retailer will not send a knowingly defective product to a customer. Wholesale sales are considered final with no returns. We endeavor to protect your reputation, and ours. Upon receiving our contract, please read over our Defects and Damages Policy.

Is there a defects and damages policy?

  • One of the most important things to us is that your customers get an awesome product. With all manufacturing there can always be some defects or damages that occur. While we do spot checks once the shoes get here to the warehouse, it is an imperative part of your business that you inspect your shoes before mailing them out to your customers.

    Upon receiving your merchandise from The Storehouse, please take some time to inspect your shoes. If during this inspection you find that there is a damage or defect to any of the shoes in your shipment, these need to be reported to us within 5 days of tracking showing delivered.

Can my contract be terminated for discounting?

  • Yes. The retailer agrees that maintaining the perceived value of The Storehouse products in the marketplace as well as providing a level playing field as possible is beneficial for all Retailers. The wholesaler has established its suggested retail prices to maintain the value of their products in the marketplace as well as to provide the opportunity for healthy retail profits for all Retailers. Selling the products at less than the suggested retail prices does damage to both goals. If retailers are found to be selling products below the suggested retail price set by the wholesaler, retailer relationship will be terminated immediately and all permissions to sell product will be revoked.

    With prior approval, retailers can have two sales a year, but they must be approved in advance and follow pricing guidelines for running a sale.

What is the best way to contact you for additional questions?

  • We do not answer Facebook private messages. All communication should be done through email thestorehousemail@gmail.com. The second Friday of each month we have a live meeting of sorts on the wholesale Facebook page. If you can’t join, notes are posted and emailed afterwards.