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Ballet pink classic

Ballet pink classic

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We have held all of our shoes from the last year that we would consider imperfect or unsellable. This may mean they have a tiny scuff, a small scratch, the glue sealing the sole may have come unattached (although all soles are sewn on- this is cosmetic) or some other issue that doesn’t affect the comfort. 

Some may not even be noticeable. Could be a glue spot inside the foot bed etc. 

We are marking them all to $50!! 😳
Shipping is determined by how many you purchase. 

There are all sizes available spread across around 40-50 colors and prints! 

These will all be posted on the website starting March 24th at 6pmcst. 
We have done a tiny scratch and dent sale but this is HUGE!! 

Insoles will all be sand as they were updated in the last 6 months.