If you are new here, we just wanted to say hello!

We are so happy that you found us here at The Storehouse! We are located in Southwest Lousiana. 

Eric and I have 4 kids and are living the homestead life…goats, pigs and chickens all over! We homeschool and have a heart for our community in Lake Charles. In 2016 we sold the two houses we owned in Virginia, sold most everything we owned and moved into a travel trailer in lousiana. Fast forward and here we are in a house with 34 acres and a shoe business we never dreamed of! 

The Storehouse Flats made their debut October 24, 2017. They are our take on a simple leather flat. The initial batch of 513 shoes shipped December 2017 and after 5 we are still loving them right along with our customers.
The McBrides