Are you on the fence about the size to get??
Don’t be afraid to buy the smaller size and use a shoe stretcher. 
Many customers do this intentionally to get the perfect fit for them! Also, don’t be afraid to size up! In our oil tanned you definitely  may need the size up from your normal size.
Here’s a link to one that’s most recommended


Stretching spray is beneficial along with the stretcher. Soak the shoe well with the stretching spray— not dripping, but coated well. Then place on the stretcher. The rainbows may take more time than the oil tanned or suedes but this has helped lots of customers! You can also bend the shoe the opposite way, flip the back inside out and stretch across the toe of the shoe. This helps break in a stubborn elastic.



We love Flat Socks. They are washable. You can cut these to size. If you are a customer who sizes up you cannot add these in to help the shoe fit better!! They are available in lots of colors and patterns on our site.
 If you need an orthopedic insert, our flats also give enough space too insert those.


We realize that buying shoes online isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As a small business we try to make the process easy. You can send your shoes back for an exchange and we will send out a new pair for you. Remember, different leathers will fit differently. Some will be a little stiff. Some will be super soft. On top of that, every single foot is different. With all that in mind, we try to make exchanges easy. Check the FAQ section for our customer service form. 


We all want our shoes looking great and lasting us for some time. One way to help with this is to keep your oil tanned shoes supple and moisturized using a leather conditioner. Especially great for your oil tanned and classics, our favorite is Mink Oil. It easy to rub on with a cloth. Keep in mind, this may darken the color a bit. But trust us, it’s better for them to stay moisturized than to dry out, crack and fade.



Waterproofing your shoes is a great idea! You never know if you may get caught in a downpour or even a spring shower. Our favorite shoe waterproofer is Carbon Pro. It’s easy to spray on and we recommend this for most leathers we carry.



Shoe Cleaners. You want to keep your shoes nice and clean. You can clean them with mild soap and water or you can use a shoe cleaner from Angelus.

Below are the links for that!

cleaner : https://amzn.to/3g5lEk5

cleaning kit: https://amzn.to/3AqAFq0


Storing your flats is a personal preference. Some like them folded, some unfolded. Some store them in their bags and some put them into totes. Maybe you put yours in your closet or under the bed. You get to choose! There’s no wrong way to store them as long as it’s not damp or super humid.

This is one we really like that hangs in the closet with 40 pockets.