The Storehouse Coops - deposit

This coops run combo is great for up to 20

Chickens. It’s on wheels so it can be raised and lowered to be moved easily

Coop Specs

🌱 4ft wide 10ft long 7ft tall 

🌱Coop is perfect for 15-20 Chickens 

🌱Rear opening egg box for easy 

       collecting and cleaning 

🌱Basket for egg collecting and hooks for tools 

🌱Clean out access doors on both sides 

🌱Wheels for your coop to be moved that can be raised and lowered all the way to the ground 

🌱Coated hardware cloth to keep out predators

🌱Black metal roof and hardware 

🌱Hinged chicken ladder to fasten during moves

🌱Two tiered perches

🌱 Silicone Mats in egg boxes for super easy clean out! 

We use these with our chickens and we have built and delivered more than 50 in the last year. Contact us for more information The Storehouse Coops